Feng Shui for Children’s BedRooms.

Feng Shui for Children’s BedRooms.

The application of Feng Shui when arranging your children’s bedrooms… correct  use of colour, furniture placement,  décor choices  … will help them grow in the most positive way. The energy in their room must be more Yin…serene,still.It is not difficult to apply a few Feng Shui applications to achieve good Chi in your child’s room.


Lets begin with the nursery. To give baby a sense of security , place the crib or cot in the command position .The Feng Shui command position puts the child  “in charge” of their room and of their life . It  places them where they can see the door, but not directly in line with the door. The crib or cot should be placed up against a solid wall. The head should be away from windows and avoid placing the cot along a wall shared with a bathroom .Ensure the bed is not placed under an overhead beam or ceiling fan.These Feng Shui practices apply to all children’s rooms.The nursery  painted in pastel colours … soft  greens encourage growth and  creates  a serene atmosphere… decorate with flowers ,butterflies  and soft pretty animals .The goal is to create a peaceful ,soothing environment .

Their sleeping habits will let you know whether their bedroom is comfortable and the décor  right . The room may be too Yang if the  colours  are too bright  and the motifs too large. To a small child a large smiling lion, bear or owl  can be scary at bedtime. Bright colours and toys are better left in a play room,a Yang area. If your toddler constantly  comes into bed with you, then their room is not working for them and you should consider making some adjustments. Try  placing the bed in the Feng Shui command position  up against solid walls and changing the colours in the room.


As you can see  colours and placements play an  important part  in the children’s room .. so the use of  red and other bold, bright colors may cause tempers to flare  at home and at school … too much hyperactive energy .Sleeping may also become a problem. For teenagers who love dark colours….go for dark flooring to ground them and lighter colours  on the walls ….no black!!Use the shades of  green and brown which encourage growth . Avoid metal beds.There is one colour that you can use on any wall in your child’s room,that is Purple and shades of the colour.To improve their health use purple on the East wall,for creativity the West wall and the South wall if he is a budding artist.



Once your  child is old enough to have a desk in the room……one that is actually used!! the desk should be placed in the Feng Shui command position with his/her back to a solid wall.The child can see the door, has the support of the solid wall and will feel more empowered.If your child is having problems with school work …do try this.

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Please do not place aquariums, live plants and large mirrors in any  room. Keep  electronic gadgets, including telephones, televisions, computers, scanners, radios, electric blankets and especially wi-fi, to a minimum and switched off when not in use.Place them as far away from the bed as possible.Keep a happy family photo near the child so that it can be seen from the bed. A beautiful reminder that they are part of a family…this gives them a sense of security and love.

Get your child to keep the clutter under control…………not under the bed!! Arrange the furniture in your child’s room so the Chi( energy) can flow freely.


Feng Shui Command Position for beds and desk.


I hope these suggestions  have been helpful .


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