Fire Monkey Year 2016

2016 Year of the Red (Fire) Monkey.

Monkey2016 is the Year of the Monkey,and for a good start  and for good Feng Shui to work, you have to prepare your home before you usher in the the Lunar New Year. Your home should be clutter free. The area around your main door, the foyer and the main door must be clear so the good Chi can flow. Fix everything that is broken especially leaking taps. Good quality Feng Shui items and cures can be reused,however must be cleansed at the end of the old year so they can start working for you properly in the new year. This is to rid them of all the stale energy they have absorbed from the previous year. To cleanse your cures simply wash them in salt water. As you read on I will tell you where to place your cleansed cures.

According to the Grand Masters, the Red Monkey Year is lacking the element of water and this will  contribute to high levels of stress and health issues. To combat this you can spend time near water and wear the colors black and dark blue. Grand Master Lillian Too celebrated her 70th birthday in January, she wore a beautiful black dress apparently more potent than the colour red this year.

In this Monkey  year it is better to listen then to speak, avoid gossip at all cost especially at work. I am a great believer in the symbolic Rooster. Get one and place it in the your home facing the front door as his beak and claws will combat all gossip  directed at you.


The Feng Shui Bagua Map divides your home into 9 equal squares. Each year the Feng Shui Flying  Stars will visit different squares. There are Auspicious  and Inauspicious Stars. We will start with the Auspicious Stars.




The White Star 1 visits the Southeast  and brings victory and success. The White Star is a water element visiting the wood element of the SE. Introduce Water and Metal element decor items in the Southeast, using the colours  blue, black, charcoal gray and white are a good choice of colours . If you have a water feature, place it in the SE (but remember- no water in the bedroom). One of my favourite Feng Shui cures, is the sailing ship; placed in the SE sailing in towards your home (from your front door) filled with gold coins and gems will bring you success. Tall plants and candles are to be avoided in the SE this year.

Dragon tortoises are often portrayed with a baby on their backs to represent descendant’s luck. Place one behind you at work for great support and place one in the southeast to tap the White 1 or in the southwest for the 8 wealth star. No office should be without a dragon tortoise!

The Wisdom Star 4 brings romance and scholastic success to the West. Children whose bedrooms and study rooms in the West will do well at school. Activate these areas with your choice of feng shui cures, such as the double happiness sign, 2 hearts (choose rose quartz crystals) or a pair of mandarin ducks. These will strengthen  your relationships. Avoid placing large items made of metal here.

The Heaven Luck  Star 6 (Metal element) visits the South. This star brings divine luck. The Feng Shui cures to use here to enhance your luck are 6 crystals, a 6 hollow metal rod and crystal windchime or 6 Chinese coins.

Auspicious Wealth Star 8. Ladies good news! 2016 is a strong year for women, there are strong indications of wealth gains for women as the Auspicious Wealth Star 8 (Earth element) visits the South West (Earth element) and brings prosperity. As the SW the corner of the lady of the house my advice to is to enhance  this sector with any wealth Feng Shui cures like gems, crystals, crystal balls, gem trees, money frogs and jade Chinese coins. You should, however, avoid the use of metal here.

The Luck Star 9 flies to the  East. Also called Future Wealth or Purple Star. This Fire element star brings many blessings and works  perfectly with the Wood element of the  East. Place Feng Shui money cures here, such as the Chinese coins tied with the mystic knot, the money tree and the three-legged toad.
Decorate this area with items in amounts of 9 (such as 9 candles) and healthy lush plants like the  lucky feng shui bamboo with 9 stalks.

Inauspicious  Stars in the year of the Monkey.

The 2 Black Illness Star visits the center of the home. The element of this star is earth. This has be strongly controlled as it is strengthened by the earth elements of the center and brings illness to all residents in the home. To control it remove all earth items like crystals and avoid the use if fire elements like candles. To weaken the energy of the Black Star introduce metal elements, hang a 6 hollow rod metal wind chime, place a metal Wu Lou or six Chinese coins in the centre location.

The 3 Star of War, the Argumentative Star (wood element), visits the Northwest (metal element). The NW is the corner of the Father, the breadwinner of the family. This argumentative star can cause great disharmony and negativity in relationships. To weaken this visiting star use red, a fire element, and candles. Avoid using big plants, big mirrors and do not hang any wind chimes in the NW this year.

The 5 Yellow Star, Misfortune Star (earth elements) visits the  Northeast. To combat  this energy you have to use water and metal. Use a 6 hollow rod metal wind chime, 6 metal Chinese Coins and a wood or metal Wu Lou.

The 7 Robbery Star, the Violent Star, (metal element) visits the North. The North is the element of water This star can cause financial loss and relates to the loss of protection of your home. The cures are to place an elephant or blue rhino near the door and use items in the colours of blue and black, as water drains the energy of metal. Avoid the use of metal in the North this  year….no wind chimes or crystals allowed.


I wish you good health  and prosperity in this Monkey Year.

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2 thoughts on “Fire Monkey Year 2016

  1. Hello Sandy,as you have kua 8… you a are west group person.Your health direction is NW.You should place your bed on the NW wall of your bedroom.However ensure in doing so your feet do not point towards the door and the wall your bedhead is on is not against a TOILET.It can share the bathroom wall…but not the wall with the TOILET.I have written an article on health…please read it,as it will be off great help to you .In this article I explain the importance of the placement of beds for health.No water or plants in the bedroom.As you are having health issues I strongly advice you to purchase a feng shui health cure the METAL WU LOU and place it next to your bed.
    If possible place a pot plant in the landing where the stairs and your floor meet.This will direct the Chi towards your door rather than rushing up to the next level.The long hall that leads directly to your door is not good feng shui but you have done the right thing with the placement of the plants to deflect the flow. Keep windows open so the Chi can enter your room.
    Your WEALTH direction is SW.No matter where you have your work desk,please sit facing the SW with your back to a solid wall.

    General feng shui advice…If at any time you experience financial loss always look for water leaks!!!

    Let me know how you go and if you need more advise.
    Good Luck



  2. Good evening and thank you for this article. I am the 8 Gua born in the year of the horse. I have been experiencing some financial difficulties as well as some health challenges pertaining to the stomach and lungs and heart, not to mention some quote un quote, bad luck/energies. I reside in a room and would like to feng shui my room. For example, the entrance is on the first floor and has only one door. The stairs lead to the 2nd flr hallway which leads straight to my bedroom door to the back. My bedroom door opens up to the bathroom wall. I have a lucky leaf branch outside my door for religious purposesand at the opposite wall I have a Golden Pothos plant. I am limited in what I can do outside my bedroom, but would like to know what I can do inside my room. If needed I can send you a diagram of the apartment and my bedroom

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