Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips

On this page you  will find Feng Shui tips that you can use to enhance  Life.

1. The Six Crystal Ball Feng Shui Cure.

Are you having problems with any family members or experiencing a few too many moments of tension ? Try this Feng Shui cure.

Solid crystal spheres are acknowledged by many Feng Shui masters as a pure and powerful earth energy. A highly prized Feng Shui cure and enhancer.

It is highly recommended by Feng Shui masters that every family should place six smooth crystal balls in the center of the living room. This six crystal ball Feng Shui cure is said to bring in lots of wealth, good fortune and greater harmony to the family.
The number six is a very lucky number …representing Heaven Luck.
You can use crystal balls of different sizes and made of different crystals. Place these six crystal balls on either a plate or a bowl that is made from earth material such as porcelain, ceramics or glass. This simple placement will dissolve tension , keep away quarrels and ensure harmony within the family.

Make sure you always keep your crystals clean and sparkling. An easy way to cleanse your crystals is to submerge them in a bowl of distilled water overnight.



2. Chinese Coins to attract the energy of money.

One quick and easy way to attract the energy of money is to carry 3 Chinese Coins tied in a red ribbon in your wallet, purse or handbag.
The 3 Chinese Coins carry the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind luck. 6 is considered the number of heaven luck, and 9 is the highest number, the number of completion.

I always carry 3 coins in my wallet …3 hang on the inside of my front door and are also taped to my important financial folders.
If you are in business place them near the cash register ,phone and tape them to important financial folders.
One side of the coin has four characters and is the Yang / active side, and the other side has two characters and is the Yin / receptive side. Always place the Yang side facing up .
The 3 coins make great gifts for friends to carry in their wallets and a string of 6 or 9 to hang inside the front door. Giving a gift of the coins, to wish another good fortune …..will bring  good Chi to you.

coins 1


3.Job Hunting.

If you are looking for a new job here are some Feng Shui tips to help you create that good Chi energy to help you in the job hunt.
You can bring that job to you through your front door. So it’s important that the entrance to your home is made as inviting as possible to new opportunities. That includes the outside as well. Whether you live in a house or apartment make sure the path /corridor that lead up to your front door is uncluttered, well lit, and not difficult to open and is in good condition.
More importantly….use your front door!!!

You have to locate the Career corner also called the Path in Life. This is the north sector of your living room, study or bedroom. In your living room, you can place a small water fountain, paintings, photos or art representing water . Use the colours black and white ,anything metal and round shaped objects . Mirrors are good…just ensure they do not face the door!!
In the study, display images of people whose career and professional life you admire or images of your ideal job in the career corner. Objects that symbolize the career you want.
Find out your Kua Number and sit facing your personal direction for career success when applying for that job then place a resume or C.V. in a RED folder on your desk .At your left if you’re a woman and on the right if you’re a man.

red folder

4.Black the colour of Wealth.

Black is a power colour, it represents deep water and in Feng Shui that means MONEY. Black invokes the power of opportunity, wealth and career success.
If you want to attract wealth energy , paint your front door black if the door faces North, East or Southeast ….The alternative…. place a black doormat at the front door.
A touch of the “power of black “in the way of soft furnishings will enhance the North and South East corners of the living room….rugs, cushions, photo frames. However keep in mind black represents water so can drain you if you have too much black décor in your home …..So go softly.
Black with White and Black with Blue are excellent Feng Shui colour combinations. If you wear black to work add white and you will be dressed for success! and carry a black briefcase. If you have a business dealing in finance or travel, consider using the colours black and blue on your business cards and logos.


5.Trees and Positive Energy. 

Trees release positive energy in your garden and some are greatly honoured in Feng Shui for different reasons. So if you are thinking of planting a tree this Spring here are a few tips.

One of most beloved is the Bamboo, because it is so strong and durable Bamboo planted at the front of the property or in the East corner will invite auspicious energy for wealth and opportunity and at the back for solid support.
All fruit trees represent abundance and good health. They attract good Chi and are a symbol of good luck. A Cherry tree planted in the yard brings good luck and the Apple tree … a symbol of peace …and can help create harmonious family relations.
Citrus trees are greatly favored especially the Orange tree. An orange tree is believed to increase abundance. This is why oranges are presented to loved ones around the Chinese New Year as a way to ensure prosperity. Plant orange bushes on either side of the front door to bring this auspicious energy into the home .It is especially beneficial when planted in the SE corner of the garden .
Lime trees are also helpful and bring wealth, particularly to SE facing homes. Lime like oranges planted at the front of the house bring great opportunities in the form of wealth and advancement.

Confucius wrote about the pine tree: “Its stillness is what lengthens its life.”So if you want a long life …plant a pine tree.



6.RED….the colour of Good Fortune and Happiness.

One of my readers informed me that her favorite  colour is Red. .and this motivated me to give you these few tips on how to use the colour RED.

In Feng Shui Red means Passion, Strength, Luck and Happiness.

If you love the colour Red and have a South or Southwest facing front door …then go ahead and paint your front door Lucky Red .

The South is the Fire element of your home and Fame and Reputation sector. As Red is the colour of the South this is where you want to introduce this vibrant colour. …. especially if you are trying to improve your business reputation or want to receive more acknowledgment and recognition in your chosen career . Use cushions, candles, rugs, table lamps.
Excellent if you have a home office in the South sector of your home. Red used here represents power and transformation.

Red also represents love, passion, and sensuality so it is a wonderful colour to use in your bedroom .Do not use bright red as this is too Yang and the bedroom must always be kept more Yin …a restful space. Also It’s best to introduce red as soft furnishings and accessories, rather than boldly on the wall.

In Feng Shui ,other than happiness…. red is the colour of protection. Wear a touch of red and use red accessories and jewellery to protect and empower yourself when you go for job interviews, or sit in on important meetings. Protect your income… carry a red handbag and wallet and you will energize your wealth and income. Feel negative energy around you …start wearing something red.


7. Tips on keeping trim using Feng Shui.

Made a New Year resolution to lose weight and you just can’t  figure out what you are doing wrong, because all your efforts are showing little results. Well it may not be what you are doing that’s stopping you from losing those extra kilos,but where……your home.If the Yin and Yang energies are not balanced in your home then all your efforts to lose weight will be all that much harder.

Here are a few Feng Shui tips.The focus is on making the energy in the  kitchen more Yin to suppress your appetite and the rest of your of house  more Yang to increase your metabolism.

1.Do not use the Yang colours Red and Yellow colours in the kitchen. These colours are active colours and stimulate hunger, instead use Yin colours Green,Blue and Black in the kitchen. Avoid using White plates always used in restaurants because the colour White is an appetite simulator, use Blue or Black plates.

2.Don’t enter your home through a door that opens into the kitchen

3.Absolutely no clutter in the Kitchen. None.If your kitchen is weighed  down ..this will effect your efforts to lose those extra kilos.

4.If the house suffers from too much clutter, the house has excess Yin energy. You must increase the Yang energy.To achieve this start to declutter.

5.Get rid off old clothes….to rid your self of your old image.

Once you have the house energies balanced, your efforts at weight  loss  will see better results.


8. The Beautiful Rooster.

Symbolism is an important aspect in Feng Shui. Symbols of flowers, birds and animals have been used for various purposes since historical times. In the practice of Feng Shui a Rooster figurine is used to guard against office politics, promote career advancement and to maintain a stable and happy marriage.

The Rooster’s beak is very powerful so he symbolically gobbles up all negative gossip and misunderstandings in the workplace and in the home. As he is a bird he brings bird energy and this is great for career advancement. Placed facing the front door the Rooster will guard your marriage as he pecks at unwelcomed intrusions into your marriage!

It does not matter where you work or what position you hold ,if you are having difficulties at work you need the to get yourself a bossy ROOSTER!!! to ensure you do not fall victim to office politics, back stabbing, arguments and jealousies.
Simply place the figurine of the Rooster on your desk .

When I was in Italy,my daughter gave me a little wooden Rooster.
He now sits on my desk and is my constant companion as I work.
Please share and like if you found this tip use full.

Shakespeare the Rooster
9.Feng Shui symbols for Happiness and Good Health.

If you are looking for a Feng Shui gift to carry your good wishes for health and happiness, you may wish to consider the three special symbols I have listed.

To present someone with a gift of a Wu Lou is to wish them good health. There is no better gift. The Wu Lou is a powerful and effective Feng Shui health enhancer. It is known as the health gourd as it prevents and exhausts illness. The best Wu Lou to get is one made of metal; it should be placed by the bedside or in the East sector of the living room to keep illness away.

To wish a family joy and happiness …present them with the Laughing Buddha. This happy smiling man will certainly bring peace and harmony, as it creates auspicious Feng Shui energy. Simply place him facing the front door, on a table…never on the floor.
Finally …one of my favorite gifts is the Lucky Bamboo Plant. In Feng Shui,the bamboo is an excellent symbol of longevity and good fortune …..So to wish someone a long and healthy life in a happy home, present them with a Lucky Bamboo Plant.

There is nothing to stop you purchasing any one of the above for yourself as well!!


10. The Mystic Knot

When you purchase Feng Shui coins, wind chimes, a pair of bamboo flutes or any other Feng Shui cure you may find them attached by a silk cord to a little knot. This knot is called the Mystic Knot, it is one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui symbols but few know what it symbolizes. The knot is usually in the most auspicious colour red and made of silk.

The Knot is twisted into the shape of the number 8 that loops back and forth without a beginning and an end. Each coil repeating the symbol of infinity. …the number 8which  has always been regarded a “fortune” number in Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui the knot symbolizes unending luck, prosperity and everlasting love. It is for this reason it is used with other symbols so that the energy they attract will be unending. For example you will find the Mystic knot commonly attached to Chinese coins to attract never ending wealth luck.These coins are commonly  hung on the inside of the front main door.

If you are experiencing good fortune and wish to ensure that this good energy stays with you, wearing a Mystic Knot pendant  or bracelet is very auspicious .It will act as your personal enhancer.

Place the Mystic Knot in the South-West part of the bedroom to enhance happiness in relationships.


12.The Magnificent Feng Shui Horses

In classical feng shui the image of the horse is associated with fame and success…and is a symbol of speed and strength. The feng shui horse correctly placed is thought to bring great recognition and increase in opportunities in business and in your career.

The horse symbolizes the feng shui element of Fire. So the correct placement of this symbol is in the South, the Fame sector. This would be the south sector of your home or a south corner of a room. In your office you can place a horse image in the south corner on your desk. Always face the horse or image of the horse towards a window or door.

Alternatively you can place the horse in your hallway facing the main door.

In the practice of feng shui,there are two horses images often used.. The Tribute Horse which brings wealth and the Victory Horse which brings success and triumph.

If your Chinese zodiac sign is the Horse, I recommend you purchase a horse image and place it in the south.



13..The Wish Granting OX

In Feng Shui the Ox symbolizes success, abundance and the accumulation of wealth.

The wish granting Ox symbol is often found sitting on a bed of gold coins. He attracts good descendants luck, ensuring that future generations are prosperous. The Ox rewards hard work and perseverance and is said to possess the power to grant your heart’s desire.

The OX brings good fortune to households and success to business encounters. The bull symbol is the “yang” version of the symbol and brings even more luck than a cow could bring.
As with all feng shui enhancements, they must be correctly placed …and be made of the correct element.

To bring wealth and prosperity into your home place a Wood OX in the SE corner of your living or family room. The SE is the wealth sector .The OX will invite wealth energy into your home.
If you are seeking career /business advancement or hoping for a certain job, place a METAL OX in the NORTH corner of your living or family room .The North is the career sector .Do the same in your office and study.

The Ox makes a perfect gift for newlyweds, co-workers and entrepreneurs.

If your Chinese zodiac sign is Ox, I highly recommend you purchase a metal Ox and place it in the NORTH of your home…the career sector .You could be surprised with a pay rise!!



 14….The importance of the Family Photo in Feng Shui.

A large happy photo of your family displayed in the right place in your home will ensure your family enjoys continuous family harmony. This photo should include all members of your immediate family…all smiling …. a memento of the happy time it was taken. You can have as many as you like, include photos of extended family, just avoid photos showing only a single person.

The Living room is where families spent most time together so this is the room for your family photos. There are two walls in the living room that you should use, the East wall and the West wall. The East because it represents the family ‘s good health and the West because it is the sector for children. Photos hung in the East must be in wood frames and on the West wall use metal frames.
I always recommend placing a beautiful family photo( in a metal fame) on the West wall if you are having a difficult time with one of your children or if a reconciliation with one is desired.

The placement of your precious photos is very important. Facing the main door will cause the family to go out the door!! Negative energy will built if the your family photos face the direction or are placed on the wall of a bathroom or toilet. Worse…placing the photo under the staircase, you will be constantly walking on the family luck.


 15…The Master Bedroom

In Feng Shui the master bedroom is the most important room in the house, because this room is where you rest and energized yourself. It symbolizes your relationship and supports your good health, so the type of bedroom you create will influence your life.
To ensure your master bedroom has good balanced energy, follow these few tips.

Your bed should always be placed on a wall where the door can be easily seen. The wall should be solid and there should be two bedside tables and two lamps on either side of the bed. A good, solid headboard is a must. Your choice of mattress and bed linen must make you feel comfortable and supported so that you awake feeling confident and prepared for the day.

When choosing the décor for the master bedroom keep in mind that two people share this space. Avoid ending up with a room that favors one partner. Aim for balance.
Do not have mirrors in master bedrooms, these are a big taboo. When your bed is reflected by mirrors, you double the people in the room( double the energy)If you are single, that means two people in the room…which is not good if you’re looking for someone to love.

When you have photos of family in your bedroom you are placing them ahead of your relationship!! Same goes for exercise equipment and office items like computers, tablets and desks.
In the practice of Feng Shui plants and water features are never placed in bedrooms,as they can drain your health and bank account …especially if you hear water while you sleep. So make sure you fix all leaking taps in that en-suite.!!


 16…..Gift Giving at Christmas.

Feng Shui has become widely popular as people have come to appreciate the benefits when applied to their daily lives. In feng shui gift giving is about all symbolism. The gift does not have to be expensive or elaborate, it is the symbolic meaning and essence that is important.

Christmas is fast approaching and what an exciting time we have selecting gifts for our loved ones. I have some practical tips and beautiful feng shui Christmas gifts that you can put on your shopping list that will carry good Chi to those who receive them.

My first tip…..A gift for a couple should always be in pairs…… as each half of the gift represents each person in the relationship and both of them benefit from the positive effects of the gift.

Wallets, purses, handbags and briefcases are always popular gifts. In feng shui gifting them empty represents lack of prosperity. Inserting some cash will send the message that your gift will always be overflowing with wealth for the recipient.

Feng Shui crystals make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. They are available in different shapes, colours and can be used for an extensive number of things. The best kind of crystals are the quartz crystals.

What better crystal to give at Christmas than the love stone, the rose quartz, known for its pure softness, gentleness and healing qualities. This stone can be given as a gift to both adults and children. Rose quartz hearts are great gifts to those who are in need of boosting their relationship and should be placed in the south west in the bedroom. This beautiful pink crystal can also be worn as a pendant as it constantly radiates a soothing flow of love and is strongly connected to the heart.

For the students in the family a gift of a crystal globe will an excellent gift as the crystal globe aids success in education.

A beautiful gift for babies is a clear crystal. Hung in the child’s room this crystal will invite positive and peaceful energies, happiness and health to baby’s sleeping space.

Another good feng shui gift for baby is a hanging mobile. This should be hung high above the cot/bassinet( never directly over the baby’s head).The child’s eyes will be drawn upwards, so to his energy rises. When a child’s energy rises their mood rises…happy baby.

Plants are considered to be amazing cures in feng shui because they represent nature. Placed in the home they purify the surroundings, so people feel healthier. So a gift of a house plant would be very auspicious. One with rounded leaves( in a red pot )to symbolise prosperity would be a very good choice. Another would be the Lucky Bamboo…..one of the most popular feng shui cures. Can be placed anywhere in the home to bring a sense of peace, tranquillity and some good luck, too! Outdoor plants are equally auspicious, especially orange and lemon trees.

Here are a few gifts that are considered inauspicious. Knives or sharp objects because these represent cutting a relationship/friendship. Clocks and watches as gifts to senior members of the family symbolise stealing time so are best avoided. So too are gifts of handkerchiefs. This is because a handkerchief is used to wipe away sweat and tears. The symbolism here …. you are anticipating future tears that will need wiping away.

When you use Feng Shui to help you choose a gift, someone will receive a gift with positive energy and their lives will be enhanced…… thanks to you.


17..Where to place the Christmas Tree.

Every family has a favorite spot for the Christmas Tree. Whether you choose a natural or artificial tree, try placing your Christmas tree according to Feng Shui principles.

As a wood element the Christmas tree should be placed in the wood area of the living room or one that is compatible with the wood feng shui element, so it benefits from its energy.
The triangular shape of a Christmas tree is considered a Fire Element, even more so when it is covered with lights. Therefore, your Christmas tree is both a strong Wood and Fire enhancement.

Here are the best feng shui areas for your Christmas tree:-
East (Health & Family)
South-East (Money and Abundance)
South (Fame and Reputation)
Placed in the above areas you can decorate your tree using all the shades of green and red, triangular-shaped objects and of course bright lights.

If you have to place it in one of the other feng shui directions, be mindful of the colours you use for your Christmas tree decorations, here are the best colours for its decoration.

Decorate with gold blue, grey, silver, white and round shapes and white lights if you place your tree in the:-
North (Career)West (Creativity)North-West (Networking).

Decorate with red and gold colours and white lights if you place your tree in the:-
North -East (education, spirituality) South-West (relationships, marriage, women) Center (health, wealth, relationships).

We all have traditional family favorites that we place on the tree and these should always take pride of place as it brings such great Chi into the home.Enjoy decorating your tree with your family.



18.  The 7 Red Robbery Star that comes to the South -West in 2017.

In Feng Shui according to the Chinese solar calendar on Saturday, February 4, 2017 the 9 Annual Flying Stars change their location. In 2017 these Stars bring good energy to …. 5 sectors in your home and bad energy to the other 4. Fortunately Feng Shui practitioners have the knowledge and skill to plan ahead and are able to advice on how to suppress the bad stars and enhance the good.

This tip is on how to suppress the bad energy of the The 7 Red Robbery Star that comes to the South -West in 2017.

The SW is the sector of the woman of the house, relationships, romance, marriage, love and this year the 7 Red Robbery Star, moves into the sector of all women….. bringing the bad energy of break-ins, deception, loss and fraud.

So all women have to very cautious this year. We can protect ourselves against the bad energies this star brings, by using the Evil Eye charm or the Blue Rhino charm. Both are traditional protective symbols used in Feng Shui against harmful energy. These charms can be carried on your handbag, that way they are with you at all times. Wear colours that relate to water…blue, black and white…these colours suppress the fire of the 7 Star.

If your main door faces the SW place a pair of Fu dogs, an Elephant or a Blue Rhino here to act as guardians against intruders.

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