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Fire Monkey Year 2016

2016 Year of the Red (Fire) Monkey.

Monkey2016 is the Year of the Monkey,and for a good start  and for good Feng Shui to work, you have to prepare your home before you usher in the the Lunar New Year. Your home should be clutter free. The area around your main door, the foyer and the main door must be clear so the good Chi can flow. Fix everything that is broken especially leaking taps. Good quality Feng Shui items and cures can be reused,however must be cleansed at the end of the old year so they can start working for you properly in the new year. This is to rid them of all the stale energy they have absorbed from the previous year. To cleanse your cures simply wash them in salt water. As you read on I will tell you where to place your cleansed cures.

According to the Grand Masters, the Red Monkey Year is lacking the element of water and this will  contribute to high levels of stress and health issues. To combat this you can spend time near water and wear the colors black and dark blue. Grand Master Lillian Too celebrated her 70th birthday in January, she wore a beautiful black dress apparently more potent than the colour red this year.

In this Monkey  year it is better to listen then to speak, avoid gossip at all cost especially at work. I am a great believer in the symbolic Rooster. Get one and place it in the your home facing the front door as his beak and claws will combat all gossip  directed at you.


The Feng Shui Bagua Map divides your home into 9 equal squares. Each year the Feng Shui Flying  Stars will visit different squares. There are Auspicious  and Inauspicious Stars. We will start with the Auspicious Stars.




The White Star 1 visits the Southeast  and brings victory and success. The White Star is a water element visiting the wood element of the SE. Introduce Water and Metal element decor items in the Southeast, using the colours  blue, black, charcoal gray and white are a good choice of colours . If you have a water feature, place it in the SE (but remember- no water in the bedroom). One of my favourite Feng Shui cures, is the sailing ship; placed in the SE sailing in towards your home (from your front door) filled with gold coins and gems will bring you success. Tall plants and candles are to be avoided in the SE this year.

Dragon tortoises are often portrayed with a baby on their backs to represent descendant’s luck. Place one behind you at work for great support and place one in the southeast to tap the White 1 or in the southwest for the 8 wealth star. No office should be without a dragon tortoise!

The Wisdom Star 4 brings romance and scholastic success to the West. Children whose bedrooms and study rooms in the West will do well at school. Activate these areas with your choice of feng shui cures, such as the double happiness sign, 2 hearts (choose rose quartz crystals) or a pair of mandarin ducks. These will strengthen  your relationships. Avoid placing large items made of metal here.

The Heaven Luck  Star 6 (Metal element) visits the South. This star brings divine luck. The Feng Shui cures to use here to enhance your luck are 6 crystals, a 6 hollow metal rod and crystal windchime or 6 Chinese coins.

Auspicious Wealth Star 8. Ladies good news! 2016 is a strong year for women, there are strong indications of wealth gains for women as the Auspicious Wealth Star 8 (Earth element) visits the South West (Earth element) and brings prosperity. As the SW the corner of the lady of the house my advice to is to enhance  this sector with any wealth Feng Shui cures like gems, crystals, crystal balls, gem trees, money frogs and jade Chinese coins. You should, however, avoid the use of metal here.

The Luck Star 9 flies to the  East. Also called Future Wealth or Purple Star. This Fire element star brings many blessings and works  perfectly with the Wood element of the  East. Place Feng Shui money cures here, such as the Chinese coins tied with the mystic knot, the money tree and the three-legged toad.
Decorate this area with items in amounts of 9 (such as 9 candles) and healthy lush plants like the  lucky feng shui bamboo with 9 stalks.

Inauspicious  Stars in the year of the Monkey.

The 2 Black Illness Star visits the center of the home. The element of this star is earth. This has be strongly controlled as it is strengthened by the earth elements of the center and brings illness to all residents in the home. To control it remove all earth items like crystals and avoid the use if fire elements like candles. To weaken the energy of the Black Star introduce metal elements, hang a 6 hollow rod metal wind chime, place a metal Wu Lou or six Chinese coins in the centre location.

The 3 Star of War, the Argumentative Star (wood element), visits the Northwest (metal element). The NW is the corner of the Father, the breadwinner of the family. This argumentative star can cause great disharmony and negativity in relationships. To weaken this visiting star use red, a fire element, and candles. Avoid using big plants, big mirrors and do not hang any wind chimes in the NW this year.

The 5 Yellow Star, Misfortune Star (earth elements) visits the  Northeast. To combat  this energy you have to use water and metal. Use a 6 hollow rod metal wind chime, 6 metal Chinese Coins and a wood or metal Wu Lou.

The 7 Robbery Star, the Violent Star, (metal element) visits the North. The North is the element of water This star can cause financial loss and relates to the loss of protection of your home. The cures are to place an elephant or blue rhino near the door and use items in the colours of blue and black, as water drains the energy of metal. Avoid the use of metal in the North this  year….no wind chimes or crystals allowed.


I wish you good health  and prosperity in this Monkey Year.

Mini consulations relating to this article are available. Please contact me if you require a more detailed and personal consultation.



Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko  Lucky Cat

When I was in San Francisco a few years ago, I came across Maneki Neko  Lucky Cat.

There it was waving at me from almost every shop counter in San Francisco’s Chinatown. I become a fan of these cute little cat figurines and needless to say a few made their way home with me.

lucky cat

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat is less traditional in the practice of Feng Shui  but it’s application offers wonderful beautiful energy. The golden coloured lucky cats are  displayed  at entrances of restaurants and  business  to attract more prosperity and wealth. In your home or business, place the cat in such a manner where its energy can greet visitors and welcome them in.  Never facing inwards as it represents his back to the world and wealth. Right paw raised attracts wealth and left paw raised attracts more customers. Both paws raised ….total prosperity.

These cute cats come in all colours and are adorned with bells and banners. Most of the banners read… ….”Please come in, you are welcome”

Each colour has a meaning ,this may help in your decision.

White Cat:  happiness, good fortune.

Black Cat:  safety, good for protection, good for health.

Gold Cat:  wealth and prosperity and good fortune.

Red Cat:  protects against illness, promotes success.


Pink Cat:  love, relationships and romance, and success.

Green Cat:  education, writing, test-taking, wealth accrual.

Blue Cat:  family harmony , happiness, good health.

Purple Cat:   wisdom, knowledge, intuitive capabilities and self realization.cat7


This cute kitty  has many names ….

Beckoning Cat,Fortune Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat and also comes with the most intriguing legends as to his origin. This is my favorite. Simply related  in my own way.

white cat 2

There was a Temple in ancient Japan, where  an extremely improvised  priest lived with his cat Tama.  The priest often lamented aloud to his beloved cat,if only he could  find a way to bring prosperity to the temple. One stormy day the cat was sitting at the entrance of the Temple when a wealthy Feudal Lord was passing and took shelter under a large tree on the grounds. The cat raised his paw and beckoned the Lord into the Temple. Curious about this strange behavior the Lord approached the cat …. as he stood in front of Tama a bolt of lightning struck the tree under which he had been sheltering. So grateful was he to Tama for saving his life ,the Lord became a benefactor of the Temple.This  brought the Temple  great prosperity. When Tama died, the priest buried him with full honours.

As the story spread people began to make and place figures of cats with raised paws in home and temples with the hope that they too would enjoy similar prosperity.

This delightful smiling kitty is hard to resist and if you would enjoy having it in your home …it will be a Lucky Cat for you.Just ask if you need advise as to where to place your Lucky Cat.


cat 6





Wind chimes ….magic bells.

Wind chimes……Magic Bells.

  A powerful enhancer.

 wind chimes

Wind chimes are considered one of the most potent tools of enhancement.Also called magic bells they have been very significant  in the practice  of Feng Shui.

The movement of energy in Feng Shui is called Chi and positive Chi contributes to a Happy ,Healthy and  Lucky Life. They are  used to disperse stagnate energy and to enhance the flow of Sheng Chi (positive energy) into homes and offices.It is the  sound of the wind chime that creates Sheng Chi,good energy . The hollow  rods of the wind chime draws up the energy and moves it. Either away or to a particular place.

wind chime 6

You will find wind chimes made of a number of materials.Ceramic, glass, metal, and wood. The one you choose to buy will depend on what you are trying to achieve andwhere you place. For Feng Shui purposes ensure the wind chime you purchase has hollow rods. Only hollow rods have the ability to channel the Chi upwards.Solid rods are considered unsuitable for Feng Shui.


The number of tubes on a wind chime produce different results.  Five, six or eight tubes will work well in promoting Wealth. Five tubes represent the five elements consisting of fire, earth, metal, water and wood .They attract excellent Chi and Prosperity from five directions, north, south, east, west and the center. Six tubes represent Big Metal and luck form heaven. Eight tubes represent Prosperity Blessings are the most  popular. Most consultants will recommend using Five tubes when you want to  suppress bad luck.Use six and eight tubes if you wish to attract good luck.

Now,all you have to decide is what areas of your life you wish to enhance or energize.

Metal wind chimes are especially potent and must be  placed in the West, North West and North. In these areas use a  6 rod metal wind chime(Heaven Luck).  In the West  for descendants luck  , in the North West for mentor luck and in the North  for career luck. The North West is one of the most important corners in the home ,it is the  sector of that represents the head of the family. The father/husband.




Wood and Bamboo wind chimes are placed in the East,South East and South.Place a Wood/Bamboo in the South for recognition  and  fame luck( excellent for the home business)  In  the East  for health luck . In the South East for wealth luck.


Ceramic and Glass wind chimes are placed in the North East and South West.Place Ceramic/Glass wind chime in the  North East  for education luck and in the South West for relationship luck. The South West is the corner  that rules marriage and romance. Activating the southwest corner ensures that the wife/mother  is happy and contented.


Wind chimes are best hung outside the home.When using wind chimes inside please do not hang the wind chime over a door, over where you will  eat ,sleep ,sit or work directly under .Do not hang any metal wind chimes in trees, only wood /bamboo wind chimes can be hung in trees.To correct Feng Shui defects  hang them in front of a protruding corner ,exposed overhead beam. In front of your main door to stop poison arrows  hitting the main door. The wind chime used under such circumstances is enormously effective .


If you  love wind chimes and want to  use them in your feng shui applications it is important that you follow the guidelines .

Do you have a wind chime?if not  have fun choosing ones  that appeal to you…enjoy a  Happy ,Healthy and  Lucky Life.



Three-legged money frog

Three-legged money frog

money frog

The three-legged money frog is a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui and considered the most powerful of Chinese wealth symbols.

This frog helps to attract and protect wealth,  guards against bad luck and symbolizes the flow of money.  Also called  a wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, or three legged prosperity toad.


Lui -Hai with the Toad
Lui -Hai with the Toad

This frog is very much part of Chinese folklore . According to one legend (and there are several )Lui –Hai a civil servant and alchemist in 10th Century China  enticed the golden toad from the sea using a string of coins.He commanded the toad spew out gold coins which he used to aid the poor. As a result both Lui Hai and the golden  toad …Chan Chu….. have been immortalized. Both are depicted together in many paintings.The toad I feel has surpassed his master as a symbol of wealth today, found in many homes  shops and business.

The frog usually sits on treasure made up of gold ingots and coins  with a Chinese coin in it’s mouth. The coins should be attached with the Yang side up. The Yang side is the one with four Chinese characters and the Yin side has only two..Purchase a frog that has red eyes and decorated with red jewels on it’s back as this indicates the frog has been activated and energized. Money frogs, are ideal symbols to be kept in homes, restaurants, offices and places of business to enhance money luck. This symbol can also be kept near cash registers and in receptions area in place of business to  create positive money energy. You can tie a red ribbon around your frog for additional fortune.

The ideal number to have are 1, 3, 6 or 9.

The correct placement of the frog is very important.

The ideal placement is close to the main door. Do not place the frog directly facing the  main door, place it diagonal to the door and always facing INWARDS, this is symbolic of money coming into the house. You may place the frog  on the floor, randomly and discreetly  behind the sofa, below the coffee table and under chairs You also can place it in the living room, but not in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom  kitchen or toilets as these are inauspicious places and will attract bad CHI.It is said that if you place the frog in a high place it will go off and forget you ………………so place it close to the floor!!frog4

Keep your Three-legged Money Frog clean and shiny and when you  feel that your frog has lost some energy, the best way to reactivate it is to wash it  then place it in the sun for a few hours.If your your frog looses his coin,please replace it.


Wishing you Prosperity.


Let’s Invite Good Chi into your Home

Let’s Invite Good Chi into your Home

Feng Shui teaches us how to capture  good energy and dispel the bad.In this article I have focused on how to invite and enhance  good energy ,good Chi,into your home.

Sheng Chi….dragon’s cosmic breath…. is good energy. This Chi brings good fortune, success, recognition, prosperity and harmony to the home. Go into the room that you feel the most comfortable , this room has Sheng Chi.

Shar Chi …killing breath…is  bad energy. This Chi brings misfortunes.Once again, go into the room that causes you the most stress or makes you makes you uncomfortable, this room has Shar Chi.

I am going to show how to invite good Chi into your home and deflect the bad and to become more aware of the energy that surrounds you and more importantly …why.

For all who work from home these principles apply to your  home office as well.

For Chi to bring good energy it must be allowed to flow slowly and meander. It must not move too fast as it will scatter and disperse or be allowed to stagnate in dark corners or in unused rooms.

The open space in front of your main door is referred to as the Bright  Hall and this is where the Chi will enter your home, through your front door.This space is very important so ensure it is clear. Even more important ensure the Chi can find your front door! That it is not obscured by plants or scrubs, so the Chi can enter effortlessly. Your main door is the mouth of your home .


If you have to negotiate an obstacle course to get into your foyer or hallway  the  Chi will have too as well and it will stagnate there, you do not want this.Inside your home the Chi should  gently circulate and move through the hallways and into the adjoining  rooms .

lounge 2

The more the Chi curves and turns the better. It should slowly move around furniture. See if you can walk around your home without bumming into any furniture. Is your front door in a straight line with your back door ….down the end of a hallway,the Chi will flow right out the house taking all the good energy away. If you have a long hallway place a piece of furniture or a pot plant to slow  the flow down. Chi also enters  through the windows , so each day, open your front door and windows and invite  Sheng Chi into your home  bringing good fortune, prosperity and harmony .

Now lets deal with Shar Chi. What you do not want ,negative energy .Unorganized and cluttered areas in the home are the cause of negative  energy  Shar Chi ,which  may be the cause of unnecessary stress in your personal and work life.Clutter is the main cause of trapped energy, it blocks the natural flow of  energy and it will stagnate until you get rid of the clutter. …under beds,on top of cupboards  and under stairs.Become more aware of rooms that are rarely used…open the windows.If you have too, rearrange your furniture so the Chi can flow. Once done  the energy will circulate  and move through your home once more. The stagnant energy is carried away and new fresh energy will begin to flow.

How to keep all that good Sheng Chi?In the East of your home the wood sector place  plants and fresh flowers.Even fake ones will do but not dried ones and I am not a fan of pot potpourri as it is made of dried flowers.Do not place cacti  or plants with spiky leaves in the house,always only keep plants with nice broad leaves inside.


Paintings,prints and photos that  suggest poverty,ugliness or sadness are not good Feng Shui .Ones that  you find inspiring , uplifting  ,full of beautiful colours, remind you of happy times  will  bring joy and happiness  to  your home .One of the best pictures to have in your home is one of your family.One in which all members are present and smiling .A photo that brings back happy memories.  Place it in a spot where the Chi, when it enters the home will take this energy through the house.

Candles are always are good addition to the South sector of your home as the South is the fire sector,and candles along with a bright table lamp will enhance this sector.In the West sector place anything metallic………..all your loose coins.In the North ,which is the water element  a small water feature .If you have any crystals place these  in the center of your home ,as this is the Earth element as is the Southwest and Northeast.This will bring good fortune to the whole family.


For colours to enhance and bring good Chi please refer to my article on colours.

Good  Sheng Chi to you.


Feng Shui Colours in your Home

Feng Shui Colours in your Home

In Feng Shui colours are related to elements and elements to compass zones.rainbow2


To apply Feng Shui colours to your home ,you must first divide your home into 8 sectors of the compass.Draw a floor plan of your home .Stand in the middle of your home.  Locate the compass point of the NORTH and note  it on the floor plan.Once you have the NORTH sector noted,you can proceed to fill in the other sectors.


Feng Shui Colours

North Zone…..Career

The North is the Water element of your home and two colours that represent water are Blue  and Black . The  secondary colours  are white and the metallic colours silver and gold.There is another colour that represents water,the color purple.Use the power of black for promoting wealth and purple for prosperity,both these colours  used in the North will generated income. However  these colours can be overpowering ,so painting an entire room black or purple is not recommended and never paint your ceiling blue its like having water over your head. The use of soft furnishings like cushions ,lampshades rugs  in the right colours will energize the North sector and you will  boost your career and your income.


South Zone…..Recognition and Fame

The South is the Fire element of your home and the colours that represent the South are Reds and Oranges. Red means Passion ,strength ,luck and happiness .If you wish to introduce more passion into your bedroom  use red soft furnishing . A red wall is better suited in an office.If your home office is placed in the South sector it would be to your advantage to energize this zone to bring you more recognition and status. Orange stands for optimism ,it promotes positive energy .If you feel red is too strong a colour ,use orange, it is social colour. The secondary colours to use in the South are yellow and green..yellow is the colour of happiness and signifies sunlight.



East Zone…..Health

South East Zone…..Wealth and Prosperity.

The East and South East are  the Wood elements of your home and the colours that represent the East and South East  are Greens and Browns .Green  is the colour of nature, rejuvenation and good health so is a great colour to use in bedrooms and living rooms.The other colour is Brown which  signifies strength and stability and is associated with growth .The secondary colour to use in these sectors is Blue.The use of plants and water features in the East and SouthEast  will enhance the entire family’s good health and good fortune.


West Zone……Descendants Luck

North West Zone…Mentor Luck

The West and the North West are the  Metal Elements of your home and the colours that represent the West and North West  are White,Silver ,Gold and all other metallic colours.bonaparte-silver-gilt-floor-mirror-o

Both these sectors are governed by Metal,so enhanced both sectors using bells,wind-chimes and metal ornaments.Use furnishings in the right colours.Correctly enhanced you will  ensure yourself a happy family and the head of the househould gets the support he requires to succeed .


South West Zone…Relationship

North East Zone….Education and Knowledge

The South West and North East are the Earth Elements of your home and the colours that represent the South West and North East are Yellow  and Beige and also Reds and Oranges.ducks4

The South West is one of the most important sectors as it brings the luck of romance to singles and it is the zone of the martial happiness ,so must at all times be well attended .In addition to using the correct colours ,enhance with bright lights,lamps crystals to bring romance into your life,if you are seeking a life partner.A good place to have a study is in the North East. Place similar energizers like bright lamps and crystals for excellent success in exams.crystal ne


Now that you have read the article ,you simple have to ask yourself which area of your life do you which to energize with colour?