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The correct placement of furniture .

Feng Shui for Children’s BedRooms.

Feng Shui for Children’s BedRooms.

The application of Feng Shui when arranging your children’s bedrooms… correct  use of colour, furniture placement,  décor choices  … will help them grow in the most positive way. The energy in their room must be more Yin…serene,still.It is not difficult to apply a few Feng Shui applications to achieve good Chi in your child’s room.


Lets begin with the nursery. To give baby a sense of security , place the crib or cot in the command position .The Feng Shui command position puts the child  “in charge” of their room and of their life . It  places them where they can see the door, but not directly in line with the door. The crib or cot should be placed up against a solid wall. The head should be away from windows and avoid placing the cot along a wall shared with a bathroom .Ensure the bed is not placed under an overhead beam or ceiling fan.These Feng Shui practices apply to all children’s rooms.The nursery  painted in pastel colours … soft  greens encourage growth and  creates  a serene atmosphere… decorate with flowers ,butterflies  and soft pretty animals .The goal is to create a peaceful ,soothing environment .

Their sleeping habits will let you know whether their bedroom is comfortable and the décor  right . The room may be too Yang if the  colours  are too bright  and the motifs too large. To a small child a large smiling lion, bear or owl  can be scary at bedtime. Bright colours and toys are better left in a play room,a Yang area. If your toddler constantly  comes into bed with you, then their room is not working for them and you should consider making some adjustments. Try  placing the bed in the Feng Shui command position  up against solid walls and changing the colours in the room.


As you can see  colours and placements play an  important part  in the children’s room .. so the use of  red and other bold, bright colors may cause tempers to flare  at home and at school … too much hyperactive energy .Sleeping may also become a problem. For teenagers who love dark colours….go for dark flooring to ground them and lighter colours  on the walls ….no black!!Use the shades of  green and brown which encourage growth . Avoid metal beds.There is one colour that you can use on any wall in your child’s room,that is Purple and shades of the colour.To improve their health use purple on the East wall,for creativity the West wall and the South wall if he is a budding artist.



Once your  child is old enough to have a desk in the room……one that is actually used!! the desk should be placed in the Feng Shui command position with his/her back to a solid wall.The child can see the door, has the support of the solid wall and will feel more empowered.If your child is having problems with school work …do try this.

boys 1

Please do not place aquariums, live plants and large mirrors in any  room. Keep  electronic gadgets, including telephones, televisions, computers, scanners, radios, electric blankets and especially wi-fi, to a minimum and switched off when not in use.Place them as far away from the bed as possible.Keep a happy family photo near the child so that it can be seen from the bed. A beautiful reminder that they are part of a family…this gives them a sense of security and love.

Get your child to keep the clutter under control…………not under the bed!! Arrange the furniture in your child’s room so the Chi( energy) can flow freely.


Feng Shui Command Position for beds and desk.


I hope these suggestions  have been helpful .


Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

Feng Shui for Love and Marriagelove 3

The Southwest is the sector in Feng Shui for Love and Marriage.It is called the relationship corner , it represents romance ,love and family happiness. If correctly activated in your home it can enhanced your love life.

The SW is very important as it  also the corner of the mother and wife. The other corner that cannot be ignored when you talk about love and relationships  is the Northwest  as this is  corner of the father and husband. You can use Feng Shui to find a life partner, love and marriage opportunities and keep a marriage strong.

So get out your compass and locate the SW  corner of your home and your bedroom.If you have an irregular shape house you may  discover that this  corner is missing .It  is important to put in Feng Shui cures to fix this missing corner.The SW corner must not be missing, if you want to find  romance,a partner, get married and enjoy  a happy marriage. If you have no problem getting boyfriends /girlfriends and the problem is in keeping them ………it could the SW is  not  in an auspicious location. …… the toilet!!

The SW is of the Earth element so I would encourage  you to  get any of the following  enhancers and display them,but  please get the objects  in ceramic or porcelain and choose natural crystals.crystal 2

  • Natural crystals , the Rose Quartz or Amethyst….creates happiness.
  • A single pair of  mandarin ducks  …. Just one pair!!….signifies undying love and fidelity.
  • Double Happiness Sign….the symbol of marriage.


If you are a single woman / man looking for a partner or wanting to get married, walk around your home and look around. Is your décor very feminine (YIN)or too masculine (Yang) There must be a balance of  both female and male energy in the home for you to end your single status so I strongly suggest you start  making  a few changes .ducks4

Your KUA number is very important in Feng Shui .This is how you calculate to get your KUA number.To enhance your love life you must sleep in your personal love direction. The top of head must point in this direction.

Take the last 2 digits of your year of Birth and add up to become a single digit number. If you are Male minus 10 from this number. If you are Female add 5 to this number.

Male  1976.    

7+6=13             1+3=4        10-4=6

KUA number is 6

Female 1976

7+6=13            1+3=4          4+5=9

KUA number 9.

Once you have calculated and got your KUA ,use the chart below to find your Love direction.

KUA 1………South

KUA 2………Northwest

KUA 3………Southeast

KUA 4………East

KUA 5………it becomes KUA 2 Males NW           it becomes KUA 8 for  Female…..West

KUA 6………South west

KUA 7………Northeast

KUA 8………West       KUA 9………North

Here are a some important points of advice to follow in the bedroom

  • Do not place your bed facing the door,this is commonly called the coffin position.
  •  Do not place your bed under a window,or against a wall with a toilet.
  • No mirrors should directly face the bed.
  • No water features or plants should be place in the bedroom.
  • Have two bedside tables, two bedside table lamps and ensure you can walk around your bed.
  • Have a solid bed head.

Finally keep the SW and NW corners uncluttered ,airy and brightly lit,so the Chi can bring Love and Happiness to you.




Let’s Invite Good Chi into your Home

Let’s Invite Good Chi into your Home

Feng Shui teaches us how to capture  good energy and dispel the bad.In this article I have focused on how to invite and enhance  good energy ,good Chi,into your home.

Sheng Chi….dragon’s cosmic breath…. is good energy. This Chi brings good fortune, success, recognition, prosperity and harmony to the home. Go into the room that you feel the most comfortable , this room has Sheng Chi.

Shar Chi …killing breath…is  bad energy. This Chi brings misfortunes.Once again, go into the room that causes you the most stress or makes you makes you uncomfortable, this room has Shar Chi.

I am going to show how to invite good Chi into your home and deflect the bad and to become more aware of the energy that surrounds you and more importantly …why.

For all who work from home these principles apply to your  home office as well.

For Chi to bring good energy it must be allowed to flow slowly and meander. It must not move too fast as it will scatter and disperse or be allowed to stagnate in dark corners or in unused rooms.

The open space in front of your main door is referred to as the Bright  Hall and this is where the Chi will enter your home, through your front door.This space is very important so ensure it is clear. Even more important ensure the Chi can find your front door! That it is not obscured by plants or scrubs, so the Chi can enter effortlessly. Your main door is the mouth of your home .


If you have to negotiate an obstacle course to get into your foyer or hallway  the  Chi will have too as well and it will stagnate there, you do not want this.Inside your home the Chi should  gently circulate and move through the hallways and into the adjoining  rooms .

lounge 2

The more the Chi curves and turns the better. It should slowly move around furniture. See if you can walk around your home without bumming into any furniture. Is your front door in a straight line with your back door ….down the end of a hallway,the Chi will flow right out the house taking all the good energy away. If you have a long hallway place a piece of furniture or a pot plant to slow  the flow down. Chi also enters  through the windows , so each day, open your front door and windows and invite  Sheng Chi into your home  bringing good fortune, prosperity and harmony .

Now lets deal with Shar Chi. What you do not want ,negative energy .Unorganized and cluttered areas in the home are the cause of negative  energy  Shar Chi ,which  may be the cause of unnecessary stress in your personal and work life.Clutter is the main cause of trapped energy, it blocks the natural flow of  energy and it will stagnate until you get rid of the clutter. …under beds,on top of cupboards  and under stairs.Become more aware of rooms that are rarely used…open the windows.If you have too, rearrange your furniture so the Chi can flow. Once done  the energy will circulate  and move through your home once more. The stagnant energy is carried away and new fresh energy will begin to flow.

How to keep all that good Sheng Chi?In the East of your home the wood sector place  plants and fresh flowers.Even fake ones will do but not dried ones and I am not a fan of pot potpourri as it is made of dried flowers.Do not place cacti  or plants with spiky leaves in the house,always only keep plants with nice broad leaves inside.


Paintings,prints and photos that  suggest poverty,ugliness or sadness are not good Feng Shui .Ones that  you find inspiring , uplifting  ,full of beautiful colours, remind you of happy times  will  bring joy and happiness  to  your home .One of the best pictures to have in your home is one of your family.One in which all members are present and smiling .A photo that brings back happy memories.  Place it in a spot where the Chi, when it enters the home will take this energy through the house.

Candles are always are good addition to the South sector of your home as the South is the fire sector,and candles along with a bright table lamp will enhance this sector.In the West sector place anything metallic………..all your loose coins.In the North ,which is the water element  a small water feature .If you have any crystals place these  in the center of your home ,as this is the Earth element as is the Southwest and Northeast.This will bring good fortune to the whole family.


For colours to enhance and bring good Chi please refer to my article on colours.

Good  Sheng Chi to you.