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The Family Pet and Feng Shui.

The Family Pet and Feng Shui.

Pets  “lift the Chi” in the home, bringing  good Feng Shui with their warmth and energy They bring  Yin and Yang energy  with their vibrancy even when you are not home.However, while it’s nice to have a pet, the first priority must always be the pet’s health, safety, and care. Pets in poor condition are very bad Feng Shui and this applies to all  pets………dogs/cats/fish/birds/rabbits…….etc.


Every time you cuddle or play with your pet, you add positive energy to your life. Aged care and nursing homes are aware of this inter connection so they invite animals to visit with the residents.  These happy and healthy animal friends carry this delightful  positive Chi with them.


Both cats and dogs know where the positive and negative energy areas in your  home are located. A cat  will absorb the negative energy to keep it away from people  and dogs recycle it, send it out as positive energy. So keep an eye on your pets and learn from them.If your pets are allowed to roam free in your home , your cats by nature will go to the most negative parts of  your home ….where there are electrical devices………..and dogs to the most positive.

Su lin has her own Bed?

When you have pets, maintaining a  balance of harmony is very important. One Feng Shui rule is that pets should not sleep on a couple’s bed,if they sleep in the room it should be in their own beds on the floor.Sleeping on the couple bed is disrupted to the couple’s energy . Visitors should not be afraid to enter your home in fear of your dog…this fear creates too much Yin and the home  energy will be  dragging and motivation low as the dog rules. When pets are  given full reign of the house the animal now comes first, so beware as the pet will scare away any potential friendships/love relationships. You must re-established  your authority with this pet so that the home is allowed to draw people or a new love interest in, especially if you are single  and hoping for a relationship.

Beautiful Bella.

Cats,  are yin animals and in Feng Shui bring  financial luck . If you only have cats, offset their yin energy by keeping lights on and music playing to keep your home active and energetic when you are not home.



Dogs are Yang animals and  belong to the element earth. Could be why dogs love the beach!! Choose brown or yellow bedding for them.. red is also a good colour .



Cats belong to the element wood, so the colors for their bedding should be blue, black or green. Red is a bad choice for cat’s bedding.

Many masters believe that keeping birds in cages is not good Feng Shui They believe that birds are born free they should be allowed to fly free. Birds do  increase the chi of of your environment and some consultants do believe  as long as you do not confirm these beautiful creatures to small cages and allow them to fly free on occasion in your home play and interact with family ,their  chippings will bring good chi to your home.


The  Five elements in Feng Shui are ,water, wood, fire, earth and metal and all these are usually found in fish tanks , so having an aquarium in the home will certainly enhance your wealth luck with yang energy generated by the constant swimming of the fish The most important rule is to keep the aquarium clean,as dirty water and unhealthy fish will attract bad chi and cause a lack of success and health problems..The best placement of  your fish tank is in the south east,or in the north sectors and always to the left of the front door( as you face it from the inside) never in the bedroom, kitchen or center of the home.To activate positive Feng Shui  keep nine fish,eight gold and one black.The black is to absorb the bad luck.

So it’s good Feng Shui to have pets,but keeping them healthy ,fed and clean is vital to their happiness and to yours. I have the privilege of knowing two ladies who have devoted years to the welfare of cats and dogs,one a dear friend, Trish ,who lives  in Sydney and the other Dawn who lives in Malaysia.Both these women are to be commended for the work they do for  countless cats and dogs,who are abandoned and  neglected and in need of loving homes. Whenever you save animals who are in need of shelter you get good Karma .

A big thank-you to all the  “furry children” ,Louie, Diesel, Bella, Rocky, Charlie and Su Lin who helped enhance my article .They are all dearly loved.

bella 4

Love your pets.



“Your article on dogs is so true, having my two shih tzus with me now has been absolutely wonderful as we love them dearly” Wendy

“Beautiful article Cathy. “ Patricia