Catherine, Feng Shui Consultant

Catherine, Feng Shui Consultant

Catherine, is a qualified Feng Shui consultant,who applies classical Feng Shui techniques in her consults.She follows the methods and teachings of Grand Master Lillian Too ,with whom she has studied.Her family started calling her Mama Feng Shui….the name stuck.

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I was born and grew up in Singapore, where I was exposed to a wonderful multicultural way of life.I am positive this is where my interest and passion for Feng Shui stems.It was my sister who presented me with my first  book on Feng Shui written by Lillian Too way back in 2007…today my sister comes to me for advise!!

Since then I have read and studied countless books on the subject. This intriguing  ancient art and science of placement which originated 3000 years ago in China was  guarded by the old masters  and only the imperial families and wealthy were privy to the secrets of Feng Shui. Thankfully today there are many teachers and books available .

For many years I gave Feng Shui advise to my friends . My decision to complete my studies and in the process  become a qualified consultant was prompted by a dear friend. My desire to help her on her personal journey set me on the path I follow today.

I left Singapore as a young girl and now I live in Australia. Initially  I lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world…Sydney .Now I live in one of the most peaceful places in the state… Jervis Bay ,surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush  and beaches.So when you read my tips and articles picture me writing them looking out onto my back-garden and  my daily visitors…..  a family of Kangaroos.


I hope you will let me bring Feng Shui into your life.