I offer remote/offsite Consultations ,Home Audits and Analysis of homes you are planning to purchase, your personal Residence and Small Business ….based on Classical Feng Shui.

My Consultations and Analysis are conducted using Google Earth and Skype.

In order for me to conduct an offsite  consult, you will need to send me a  floor plan of your home, your address and the compass direction of the main door.The dates of births of all residents of the home will also be required.The floor plan must include all extensions made to the original .

Once my report is completed it will be  emailed to you in PDF format. I use the Compass Method of Analysis .You will receive a Feng Shui map of your home and an analysis,  with an  explanation of all my recommendations and how to implement them.Consultations

You can either call or email  me .Tell me what it is that you want to change about your life  and I will work with you to implement Feng Shui  changes to your home.My aim is to balance the energy in your space so you can yourself bring significant changes to your life.