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Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko  Lucky Cat

When I was in San Francisco a few years ago, I came across Maneki Neko  Lucky Cat.

There it was waving at me from almost every shop counter in San Francisco’s Chinatown. I become a fan of these cute little cat figurines and needless to say a few made their way home with me.

lucky cat

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat is less traditional in the practice of Feng Shui  but it’s application offers wonderful beautiful energy. The golden coloured lucky cats are  displayed  at entrances of restaurants and  business  to attract more prosperity and wealth. In your home or business, place the cat in such a manner where its energy can greet visitors and welcome them in.  Never facing inwards as it represents his back to the world and wealth. Right paw raised attracts wealth and left paw raised attracts more customers. Both paws raised ….total prosperity.

These cute cats come in all colours and are adorned with bells and banners. Most of the banners read… ….”Please come in, you are welcome”

Each colour has a meaning ,this may help in your decision.

White Cat:  happiness, good fortune.

Black Cat:  safety, good for protection, good for health.

Gold Cat:  wealth and prosperity and good fortune.

Red Cat:  protects against illness, promotes success.


Pink Cat:  love, relationships and romance, and success.

Green Cat:  education, writing, test-taking, wealth accrual.

Blue Cat:  family harmony , happiness, good health.

Purple Cat:   wisdom, knowledge, intuitive capabilities and self realization.cat7


This cute kitty  has many names ….

Beckoning Cat,Fortune Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat and also comes with the most intriguing legends as to his origin. This is my favorite. Simply related  in my own way.

white cat 2

There was a Temple in ancient Japan, where  an extremely improvised  priest lived with his cat Tama.  The priest often lamented aloud to his beloved cat,if only he could  find a way to bring prosperity to the temple. One stormy day the cat was sitting at the entrance of the Temple when a wealthy Feudal Lord was passing and took shelter under a large tree on the grounds. The cat raised his paw and beckoned the Lord into the Temple. Curious about this strange behavior the Lord approached the cat …. as he stood in front of Tama a bolt of lightning struck the tree under which he had been sheltering. So grateful was he to Tama for saving his life ,the Lord became a benefactor of the Temple.This  brought the Temple  great prosperity. When Tama died, the priest buried him with full honours.

As the story spread people began to make and place figures of cats with raised paws in home and temples with the hope that they too would enjoy similar prosperity.

This delightful smiling kitty is hard to resist and if you would enjoy having it in your home …it will be a Lucky Cat for you.Just ask if you need advise as to where to place your Lucky Cat.


cat 6





Feng Shui Colours in your Home

Feng Shui Colours in your Home

In Feng Shui colours are related to elements and elements to compass zones.rainbow2


To apply Feng Shui colours to your home ,you must first divide your home into 8 sectors of the compass.Draw a floor plan of your home .Stand in the middle of your home.  Locate the compass point of the NORTH and note  it on the floor plan.Once you have the NORTH sector noted,you can proceed to fill in the other sectors.


Feng Shui Colours

North Zone…..Career

The North is the Water element of your home and two colours that represent water are Blue  and Black . The  secondary colours  are white and the metallic colours silver and gold.There is another colour that represents water,the color purple.Use the power of black for promoting wealth and purple for prosperity,both these colours  used in the North will generated income. However  these colours can be overpowering ,so painting an entire room black or purple is not recommended and never paint your ceiling blue its like having water over your head. The use of soft furnishings like cushions ,lampshades rugs  in the right colours will energize the North sector and you will  boost your career and your income.


South Zone…..Recognition and Fame

The South is the Fire element of your home and the colours that represent the South are Reds and Oranges. Red means Passion ,strength ,luck and happiness .If you wish to introduce more passion into your bedroom  use red soft furnishing . A red wall is better suited in an office.If your home office is placed in the South sector it would be to your advantage to energize this zone to bring you more recognition and status. Orange stands for optimism ,it promotes positive energy .If you feel red is too strong a colour ,use orange, it is social colour. The secondary colours to use in the South are yellow and green..yellow is the colour of happiness and signifies sunlight.



East Zone…..Health

South East Zone…..Wealth and Prosperity.

The East and South East are  the Wood elements of your home and the colours that represent the East and South East  are Greens and Browns .Green  is the colour of nature, rejuvenation and good health so is a great colour to use in bedrooms and living rooms.The other colour is Brown which  signifies strength and stability and is associated with growth .The secondary colour to use in these sectors is Blue.The use of plants and water features in the East and SouthEast  will enhance the entire family’s good health and good fortune.


West Zone……Descendants Luck

North West Zone…Mentor Luck

The West and the North West are the  Metal Elements of your home and the colours that represent the West and North West  are White,Silver ,Gold and all other metallic colours.bonaparte-silver-gilt-floor-mirror-o

Both these sectors are governed by Metal,so enhanced both sectors using bells,wind-chimes and metal ornaments.Use furnishings in the right colours.Correctly enhanced you will  ensure yourself a happy family and the head of the househould gets the support he requires to succeed .


South West Zone…Relationship

North East Zone….Education and Knowledge

The South West and North East are the Earth Elements of your home and the colours that represent the South West and North East are Yellow  and Beige and also Reds and Oranges.ducks4

The South West is one of the most important sectors as it brings the luck of romance to singles and it is the zone of the martial happiness ,so must at all times be well attended .In addition to using the correct colours ,enhance with bright lights,lamps crystals to bring romance into your life,if you are seeking a life partner.A good place to have a study is in the North East. Place similar energizers like bright lamps and crystals for excellent success in exams.crystal ne


Now that you have read the article ,you simple have to ask yourself which area of your life do you which to energize with colour?