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Three-legged money frog

Three-legged money frog

money frog

The three-legged money frog is a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui and considered the most powerful of Chinese wealth symbols.

This frog helps to attract and protect wealth,  guards against bad luck and symbolizes the flow of money.  Also called  a wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, or three legged prosperity toad.


Lui -Hai with the Toad
Lui -Hai with the Toad

This frog is very much part of Chinese folklore . According to one legend (and there are several )Lui –Hai a civil servant and alchemist in 10th Century China  enticed the golden toad from the sea using a string of coins.He commanded the toad spew out gold coins which he used to aid the poor. As a result both Lui Hai and the golden  toad …Chan Chu….. have been immortalized. Both are depicted together in many paintings.The toad I feel has surpassed his master as a symbol of wealth today, found in many homes  shops and business.

The frog usually sits on treasure made up of gold ingots and coins  with a Chinese coin in it’s mouth. The coins should be attached with the Yang side up. The Yang side is the one with four Chinese characters and the Yin side has only two..Purchase a frog that has red eyes and decorated with red jewels on it’s back as this indicates the frog has been activated and energized. Money frogs, are ideal symbols to be kept in homes, restaurants, offices and places of business to enhance money luck. This symbol can also be kept near cash registers and in receptions area in place of business to  create positive money energy. You can tie a red ribbon around your frog for additional fortune.

The ideal number to have are 1, 3, 6 or 9.

The correct placement of the frog is very important.

The ideal placement is close to the main door. Do not place the frog directly facing the  main door, place it diagonal to the door and always facing INWARDS, this is symbolic of money coming into the house. You may place the frog  on the floor, randomly and discreetly  behind the sofa, below the coffee table and under chairs You also can place it in the living room, but not in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom  kitchen or toilets as these are inauspicious places and will attract bad CHI.It is said that if you place the frog in a high place it will go off and forget you ………………so place it close to the floor!!frog4

Keep your Three-legged Money Frog clean and shiny and when you  feel that your frog has lost some energy, the best way to reactivate it is to wash it  then place it in the sun for a few hours.If your your frog looses his coin,please replace it.


Wishing you Prosperity.