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Wind chimes ….magic bells.

Wind chimes……Magic Bells.

  A powerful enhancer.

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Wind chimes are considered one of the most potent tools of enhancement.Also called magic bells they have been very significant  in the practice  of Feng Shui.

The movement of energy in Feng Shui is called Chi and positive Chi contributes to a Happy ,Healthy and  Lucky Life. They are  used to disperse stagnate energy and to enhance the flow of Sheng Chi (positive energy) into homes and offices.It is the  sound of the wind chime that creates Sheng Chi,good energy . The hollow  rods of the wind chime draws up the energy and moves it. Either away or to a particular place.

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You will find wind chimes made of a number of materials.Ceramic, glass, metal, and wood. The one you choose to buy will depend on what you are trying to achieve andwhere you place. For Feng Shui purposes ensure the wind chime you purchase has hollow rods. Only hollow rods have the ability to channel the Chi upwards.Solid rods are considered unsuitable for Feng Shui.


The number of tubes on a wind chime produce different results.  Five, six or eight tubes will work well in promoting Wealth. Five tubes represent the five elements consisting of fire, earth, metal, water and wood .They attract excellent Chi and Prosperity from five directions, north, south, east, west and the center. Six tubes represent Big Metal and luck form heaven. Eight tubes represent Prosperity Blessings are the most  popular. Most consultants will recommend using Five tubes when you want to  suppress bad luck.Use six and eight tubes if you wish to attract good luck.

Now,all you have to decide is what areas of your life you wish to enhance or energize.

Metal wind chimes are especially potent and must be  placed in the West, North West and North. In these areas use a  6 rod metal wind chime(Heaven Luck).  In the West  for descendants luck  , in the North West for mentor luck and in the North  for career luck. The North West is one of the most important corners in the home ,it is the  sector of that represents the head of the family. The father/husband.




Wood and Bamboo wind chimes are placed in the East,South East and South.Place a Wood/Bamboo in the South for recognition  and  fame luck( excellent for the home business)  In  the East  for health luck . In the South East for wealth luck.


Ceramic and Glass wind chimes are placed in the North East and South West.Place Ceramic/Glass wind chime in the  North East  for education luck and in the South West for relationship luck. The South West is the corner  that rules marriage and romance. Activating the southwest corner ensures that the wife/mother  is happy and contented.


Wind chimes are best hung outside the home.When using wind chimes inside please do not hang the wind chime over a door, over where you will  eat ,sleep ,sit or work directly under .Do not hang any metal wind chimes in trees, only wood /bamboo wind chimes can be hung in trees.To correct Feng Shui defects  hang them in front of a protruding corner ,exposed overhead beam. In front of your main door to stop poison arrows  hitting the main door. The wind chime used under such circumstances is enormously effective .


If you  love wind chimes and want to  use them in your feng shui applications it is important that you follow the guidelines .

Do you have a wind chime?if not  have fun choosing ones  that appeal to you…enjoy a  Happy ,Healthy and  Lucky Life.